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Wild Riot is more than a Los Angeles based Creatives Collective; it’s a vision for the way forward. With our purpose being to foster a space where people can crack themselves open, come together, and create, we exist to build community by way of radical collaboration. 

Wild Riot founder, Brittany Adams, puts it best, “We believe everyone is an artist, a giver and a taker. There is no division between performer and fan. We are all storytellers, learning to share our identities with an exquisite synchronicity. 

We all take a piece of each other home with us when the lights go down.” 

Meet the Team


Brittany Adams

Founder | Creative Director

Brittany has always had an intense passion for building community. For her, it's the only way. Her belief in our deeply rooted need to exist communally, to carry one another's burdens, and celebrate each others achievements, is what has always kept her going. 

"There was a time, after I moved to L.A.,  where I really had to examine my life, the choices I was making, and who I was becoming. There was a time where I had to leave a lot of ideas, habits and people behind if I wanted to accomplish what I was destined for. There was a time where it was just me," says Brittany. "But now, I look around, and we have a whole family here. Real relationships, real creativity, real diversity, and real ideas being exchanged, digested and reimagined through each others unique perspectives." 

Adele Jackson

Operations Coordinator

Adele is our go to girl. If Brittany is the heart and soul of Wild Riot, Adele is our brain. Our arms and our legs; she's the backbone. Keeping everything right and tight on the backend, we couldn't do what we do without her. From handling all graphics, day-to-day operations, and our #WearWildRiot Collection, to constantly breathing new life into where Wild Riot needs to be, for us and for you, this babe has your best interest on lock.  

“Growing up in Hollywood, visual art and music have always been a big part of my life. Veering more toward visual art, I thought that I had left music behind, but when I discovered Wild Riot, I realized I had found something bigger than just a community that cultivates music + local makers /artists…I had found a family. I’ve been able to bring my two worlds together, deepening my roots in our artistic community, without sacrificing authenticity. I am honored to be a part of the team and can’t wait for what the future holds.”