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The Time Travelers

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The Time Travelers, an indie-rock band from Los Angeles are preparing to release their debut EP that is deeply rooted in the storytelling of the great folk-rock troubadour’s of the last fifty years, blended with the transitional optimism of growing up in the city of angels in the late 90’s. Together, with his four band mates, they have developed a sound cultured with flares of Mars Volta, Bob Dylan, and Kings of Leon.

“The five-piece band The Time Travelers had plenty of rock ‘n’ roll heart and a frontman singing with an uncommon passion and a deeply emotional scream over heartfelt and furious rock ballads. They were a full band with a wide-screen sound that didn’t seem to have any limit, blending exotic flavors with familiar and explosive guitars, roaring into passionate bluesy rock anthems.” - RockNYC