Wild Riot
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Wild Riot fest

September 2019 | Los Angeles, CA


Building community is the only answer. 

We exist to give your creativity a platform.

Wild Riot is more than a Los Angeles based Creatives Collective; it’s a vision for the way forward. With our purpose being to foster a space where people can crack themselves open, come together, and create, we exist to build community by way of radical collaboration. 

As much as we are focused on supporting individuals, our businesses, and collaboration here in Los Angeles, Wild Riot is truly a movement towards building community by connecting in an altruistic, and authentic way, while shifting the global narrative about what it means to be an artist, in 2019. 

Wild Riot Fest is our answer to a call much larger than our Los Angeles identity. It is our way of breeding diversity, expanding our individual personhoods and giving back to our collective social ecosystem.